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Generic Zithromax

Brand(s): Azivista / Azit / Onazit

Manufacturer: Cadila / Concept / Elder

Availability: In stock

Average delivery: 7 days EMS worldwide (15 days by AirMail)

PackagePricePer PillSavingsOrder
Generic Zithromax, 500mg × 9 pills$ 17.99$ 2.00Add to cart
Generic Zithromax, 500mg × 30 pills$ 52.99$ 1.77$ 6.98Add to cart
Generic Zithromax, 500mg × 60 pills$ 99.99$ 1.67$ 19.94Add to cart
Generic Zithromax, 500mg × 90 pills$ 144.99$ 1.61$ 34.91Add to cart
Generic Zithromax, 500mg × 120 pills
Free AirMail shipping
$ 179.99$ 1.50$ 59.88Add to cart
Generic Zithromax, 500mg × 180 pills
Free AirMail shipping
$ 249.99$ 1.39$ 109.81Add to cart
PackagePricePer PillSavingsOrder
Generic Zithromax, 250mg × 12 pills$ 17.99$ 1.50Add to cart
Generic Zithromax, 250mg × 30 pills$ 42.99$ 1.43$ 1.98Add to cart
Generic Zithromax, 250mg × 60 pills$ 79.99$ 1.33$ 9.96Add to cart
Generic Zithromax, 250mg × 90 pills$ 109.99$ 1.22$ 24.93Add to cart
Generic Zithromax, 250mg × 120 pills$ 134.99$ 1.12$ 44.91Add to cart
Generic Zithromax, 250mg × 180 pills
Free AirMail shipping
$ 179.99$ 1.00$ 89.86Add to cart

Azivista, Azit, Onazit (Generic Zithromax) is Azithromycin 250/500mg pills.

Azivista, Azit, Onazit (Generic Zithromax) pills comprising Azithromycin belong to the Antibiotics medications. Azithromycin is FDA approved medicine and legal for use in the United States. Azivista, Azit, Onazit (Generic Zithromax) is used to treat many different types of infections caused by bacteria, such as respiratory infections, skin infections, ear infections, and sexually transmitted diseases. In children, it is used to treat middle ear infection, pneumonia, tonsillitis, and strep throat. Azithromycin 250/500mg is prescribed drug in the USA and many other countries. For buying Zithromax pills over the counter you require prescription from your doctor.

You can buy Generic Zithromax online in our pharmacy online.

We require prescriptions for online orders of Azithromycin pills.

Please consult with your doctor before buying Generic Zithromax online.

Questions and Answers about buying Azivista, Azit, Onazit (Generic Zithromax) pills online:

Q: How to buy Azivista, Azit, Onazit (Generic Zithromax) online?

A: Open the url of our shop in your browser -, and follow next steps:

  1. Choose category (Antibiotics) or search by generic (Azithromycin)
  2. Choose product from the products list (ex. Zithromax)
  3. Choose dosage and package, and click < Add to cart > link
  4. Check and confirm your order in your shopping cart and click < Checkout >
  5. Pay for your order by any method convenient for you (credit card, e-check, euro debit, western union, and more)

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Q: When I receive my order of Azivista, Azit, Onazit (Generic Zithromax)?

A: If you choose a fast courier service (EMS), - you will get your order of Azivista, Azit, Onazit within 5-9 days.

If you select standart airmail shipping, - you will receive your Azivista, Azit, Onazit pills within two to three weeks.

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Q: I will get discount on next order?

A: Yes, you will receive 5% discount for second order, 7% discount for third and future orders.

If you toll about our pharmacy to your friends by the special form on the site, you will get cumulative discount up to 10%.

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Q: To get a discount I need to buy the same product (Zithromax), same packaging or generic (Azithromycin) as the first time?

A: You can buy any product with any price and you will get your discount!

We grant reorder saving discount for all customers!

Q: Can you guarantee me satisfaction from Azivista, Azit, Onazit buyed in your online pharmacy?

A: If you are not totally satisfied with Azivista, Azit, Onazit or other medications purchase from, we will refund you 100% of its value.

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Q: Can I pay my order of Azivista, Azit, Onazit by MasterCard?

A: Yes, you can pay by the any of acceptable methods:

  • Credit/debit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Virtual, Mestro, AmericanExpress, many other ATM cards also allowed;
  • Electronic checks (eCheck), Online check payment or Bank wire transfer;
  • ACH payments (Automated Clearing House) or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) is aviable for United States citizens;
  • Euro Debit or Electronic Cash is aviable for European customers;
  • Money Gram and Western Union payments are aviable for ordering Zithromax in our online pharmacy.

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Q: Do you have alternative products with Azithromycin or from Antibiotics category?

A: Products from the same category

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Q: You sell Generic Zithromax and many other generic drugs - what is generics? What is Azivista, Azit, Onazit?

A: Azivista, Azit, Onazit is generic form of Zithromax, is made with the same active ingredient Azithromycin and is available in the same strength and dosage form as the equivalent Zithromax brand. Azivista, Azit, Onazit manufactured by Cadila, Concept, Elder and shipped from India. Generic Zithromax (Azivista, Azit, Onazit) produce the same effects in the body as the Zithromax brand, because both contain the identical Azithromycin as active ingredient(s).

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Note: The sale of Generic Zithromax by us does not mean that we consider it safe or suitable for you and/or the person who you have bought it for. Before buying Zithromax or Azithromycin pills(s) you must, where appropriate, check with a suitably qualified medical practitioner or pharmacist that it is safe and suitable for you and/or for the person who you have bought it for, and follow their advice on any appropriate dosages of Azithromycin and/or other limitation that they consider advisable in respect of Zithromax use. Before using Generic Zithromax, you must read and make sure that you understand any instructions on its label and/or which may accompany it. We give no warranty that any product will be effective, and/or appropriate or suitable, for you and/or the person who you have bought it for, and we disclaim all liability arising as a result of any product proving to be unsafe or unsuitable for you and/or any person who you have bought it for and/or as a result of any failure to follow any instructions on the label and/or accompanying the product. If you have a prescription for Zithromax or any other Azithromycin medications - you can buy Generic Zithromax online on and be health!

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